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facts and figures

The Hildebrandt Group is a traditional family firm, at the same time, Europe’s largest producer of cable drums. We are a complete provider of wood, plywood, steel, plastic drums and equipment. All the world’s well known manufacturer in the cable, pipe and rope industries have their drum and reels produced by us.

Group turnover:
40 million Euro
Company headquarters:
Schwerin, Germany
Executive Directors:
Sabine Lohraff, Mathias Lohraff, Uwe Wenkel
9 (in Europe, North Africa)
Corporate policy

Our corporate policy is based on the notion of sustainability, taking into consideration economic, environmental and social aspects.

We see sustainability and economy as an investment in innovative technologies tailored to the market and consistently monitor the profitable orientation of our company. A broadly based system of quality management is something we are committed to voluntarily. We guarantee reliability for our customers thanks to a broadly based production and assembly network.

We also see sustainability and ecology as a contribution towards improving the environmental balance. Our production uses green power from a regional biogas plant. We use PEFC-certified wood and pay close attention to occupational safety.

For us, sustainability and sociology means strengthening the principle of cooperation within the team. We encourage our employees to undergo further training and we are careful to adhere to our self-imposed code of ethics. Inclusion is something we practise on a daily basis.

Quality management

We put customer satisfaction first. With the installation of an elaborate quality management system, the quality of our products is monitored closely – from procurement through delivery. Our in-house quality management team constantly analyses and improves internal processes and ensures adherence to stipulated quality standards.

We have been certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 for more than 20 years now. Our steel drum manufacture meets the welding-related quality requirements of DIN 3834-3.

If requested by the customer, we can supply steel drum static calculations and construction services based on DNV-GL rules. Attaching detailed documentation is a matter of course for us.

Environmental protection

We place special emphasis on environmental protection, as a social obligation. We process PEFC- certified cut softwood timber from sustainable forest management sources; we repair wooden spools and also recycle them along with wood waste.

The development of new, improvement of old products and production processes is based on resource- and environmentally friendly concepts. Therefore, we have invested in energy-saving technology on a number of occasions in recent years.

We are DIN EN ISO 14001 certified, operate in compliance with the REACH system and produce wooden spools in accordance with the ISPM 15 (IPPC) standard.

Code of ethics

As an international company, the Hildebrandt Group has integrated corporate social responsibility and ethically correct conduct and practices into its corporate policy.

We undertake to observe all laws cited in the international human rights report and eliminate and reject all forms of illegal work, forced labour or compulsory work.

We are committed to the inalienable right to non-discrimination and endeavour to offer our employees a working environment free from discrimination and harassment of any kind.

We observe the local laws regarding working hours and minimum wages.

We respect the right of our employees to form or join trade unions and employee organisations at their discretion and to participate in collective negotiations.

We conduct business according to the principles of honesty and impartiality and in accordance with the rules and regulations prohibiting any form of corruption within the framework of our business activities.

We act in compliance with the principles of fair competition in accordance with the prevailing laws.

company history
timeline start

The Group is led by a strong team now, from left to right:
Executive Directors Mathias Lohraff, Sabine Lohraff, Uwe Wenkel and Head of Sales Cristoph Braun.

new partnership at the WIRE 2016

It is closed a strategic partnership with Purus Plastics to expand the range of spools from recycled plastic. Photo: Wire 2016, Dusseldorf, Germany; from left to right: Martin Wlasak, Sabine Lohraff, Mathias Lohraff, Thomas Manzei, Uwe Wenkel, Waltraud Zeisel, Christoph Braun

Firma in Tunesien

The company acquires the firm EMS, with three locations in France and one in Tunisia.


The first steel drums are assembled at the company's manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA.


A new cable drum assembly facility is established in Haaksbergen, in the Netherlands.

Aufbau einer Stahltrommelfertigung

The product range is expanded. The company established a steel cable drum production in Schwerin/Wittenförden.


New generation
Sabine and Mathias Lohraff are the fifth generation to succeed to the company leadership. They become Executive Directors alongside Gerhard Lohraff and Uwe Wenkel.


The company established a cable drum assembly facility in Paron, France.


The cable drum assembly operations of the manufacturers Nexans and Draka in Mönchengladbach are acquired.


Franzen's cable drum production in Stolberg/Schevenhütte is acquired.


Corning Cables Systems' cable drum production in Neustadt bei Coburg is acquired.

Umzug nach Schwerin

Production is moved from Hagenow to a modern manufacturing facility in Schwerin.


Alcatel's (now Nexans and RFS) cable drum production in Hannover is acquired.

Uwe Wenkel wird Geschäftsführer

Uwe Wenkel becomes Executive Manager of the company alongside Gerhard Lohraff. The company develops into a modern manufacturing business.


Immediately after Germany’s reunification, the company becomes the first in Mecklenburg to be reprivatised and from this point onwards is 100% family owned once again.

Enteignung des Familienbetriebes

The family business is expropriated and redefined as part of the VEB (nationally owned enterprise in the former GDR) for the wood industry. Gerhard Lohraff remains Manager of Operations under difficult conditions.

Gerhard Lohraff übernimmt die Leitung der Firma

Gerhard Lohraff is the fourth generation to assume the leadership of the company. Under pressure from the government of the GDR, production is converted to the manufacture of wooden cable drums.

Gründung durch August Hildebrandt

August Hildebrandt founds a sawmill and carpentry workshop in Hagenow, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.